Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas mice

We've had home education group making Christmas mice.
It's funny after talking on Sandra Dodds web site about how much 'teachers' do for their students.
Dd made the yellow mouse on her own...her colour is yellow by the way...NOT pink ;-) she cut it her self and glued it on her own. But the green mouse was made 'in class'.
she did not see why she should have red and green... And did not understand the culture behind the colour choices... Yellow (to use the curious George movie saying) hey it's the new Christmas colour.

We're having dance time to Crazy Frog and then moving into Secret Garden. My dd thinks anything with secret garden in it is meditainment meditation, the movie, the music...and often draws her own garden and of course has half of Daves own real garden as her own secret garden ;-)

Now the tiger is after them... Small beanie toy which has been the source of all imaginative play the past month.

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