Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our Sunday was mostly about clean up. We really needed to remove the rubbish build up in our garage to put our truck inside out of the sun.
When we first moved to our property we lived in the garage and we just put everything we had either in the roof or in the wardrobes and have not looked at it in nearly 7 years. The wardrobes had to go.
Both our children loved picking things up and asking questions.
They got board pretty quick though and I wondered if our daughter was upset as she was just sitting on the garden wall...still.
I wandered over and she excitedly told me she was watching a wasp make a nest.
We hugged and I left her too it
Later she was trying to draw the wasp and write the word. She's still not got the idea of sounding it out...but hey I never did I didn't know's only now it makes a little more sense.

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