Tuesday, November 1, 2011

George and the dragon

We started off our day with this story....

Both children were very quiet through the story which was odd. Normally they ask heaps of questions. I only had one..."Why is there a lamb?". I had to answer that I had no idea why.

So as I was trying to get two days of washing out they had the idea of building a castle. I had to break away to lift a few things up and help work out doors and how to keep the enemy out.
I then had to lift the large draw-bridge over which my son could not see over until his sister got a box for him to stand on. Yahoo.

So I had one Queen and one King...which then changed into my daughter being a knight...then she thought for a minute and swaped.

Then I had to make swords. I tried to make them as close as possible but my daughter said she just wanted it as a blade. Here I was worried that they would start bashing each other so it was to be outside.

My son went off to "kill the dinosaurs"

My daughter just wanted to make the beds for when my son came back from the fight he could go to bed...after the feast (of wooden vegetables) and cups of tea. She even had a healing circle aka hoola hoop for him to stand in which links back to the story.

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