Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deduction and discovery

After our tango with "George and the Dragon" and a Hush Hour it was down the road.
We had to return a book long over due to the library.

We ended up in the park which has only two swings and a heap of placed rocks.
Around each large rock is a mowing edge of concrete. My daughter badgered my son constantly to hop off the swing and come and jump from the rocks... Bear Grylls style with lots of rolly pollys.
Once she finally got her way the both discovered some holes in the concrete. She asked what they were for....because adults are supposed to know everything right.
I had no idea so I used an idea from Sandra Dodd....I said they were from meteors.
She looked at me as if I was mad and said 'no it was not the right shape or colour'...she didn't say anything about the size but then again the whole understanding of size I'm sure comes much later on in life.
We looked and we could see that the round whole was formed possibly with a concrete drill bit going round in a circle.
'Ok...so what is it?'
I said I would keep to my meteor idea which I was told was not acceptable.

Jumping and playing on the next stone...looking at trees and shrubs taking leaves from one tree and comparing them to the next.
"Hey Mum this shrub is planted in the whole...have a look"
The ah ha moment for us all.
"So there are heaps of shrubs missing" she said"...5...what happened to them?"
I smiled and said the meteor must of killed them off.

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