Monday, January 31, 2011

Whats 2 and 2

We went to the beach the other day. Family day enjoying the holiday in the sun...and both Dave and I were really tired (we don't like the wind which we are having at the moment).

So the children started climbing up the rocks as we normally do to walk around to the caves on the other side. But oh no the tide was in we had to do something else. There were two other children playing with their parents....croc shoe races down the
So that was fun for a while.

Then we moved on to checking out the rock pools. As we have had a large storm no much was in them and it was all a little murky.

Soon we'd all had enough of this relaxing and after a little morning tea we headed home. Once we got in the car my daughter asked "What is 2 and 2". I held up my hands and my fingers and she counted them.
"Whats 3 and 3" (we've had this one a few times so she does know it...but she probably has to make sure it has not changed).
4 and 4
5 and 5
"How many toes all together" was her question to her self
"Ok so what is 8 and 8"...."just tell me" she asked
Once all that was done she was quiet for the rest of the ride home.

I'm 100% sure I never asked questions like that when I was her age...would I if in a different situation or like a friend and I were talking today....each child is SOOOOO different.

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