Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning from Great Nana

"How did you know how to do this Mum?" my daughter asked as we cut a hole in the VERY large marrow.
"From Nana...she showed me when I was your age"

I've learnt a lot from my Grandparents and my children are lucky to have my Nana still with us to keep sharing her life with us.
My Grandfather was a wonderful gardener, bushman, mountain man, farmer....the list is much longer than I can write and I wish I could still have him here to share.
Both he and Nana have always had a large garden which they been able to feed all the family....we seem to be heading that way our selves.

So my daughter and I worked at getting this marrow cleaned up...once all the seeds were out and I started talking about cooking my daughter took off to play.

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