Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visiting the Port

We took the kids to the local port, impromptu and great.

Walked out along the road beside the port to the jetty.
The children watched the bulldozer (but for shifting log chips so really odd looking) drive up the HUGE chip pile (My daughter when she told Dave over breakfast this morning "Dad the wood chip pile was....was as big...well as our a mountain...much bigger than ours (garden pile of chips)). The driver stopped what he was doing drove out onto the road moved around lifted up and down and tooted his which my son just sad down on the footpath with his mouth open.

Next we visited the log grabber which did a little dance for them and lifted its jaws up and down. Then we were able to talk to the guy who was fixing it. My daughter asked what all the blue stuff was on the grass...grease. They climbed on the jaws, and poked at the tires.

My daughter was more interested in trying to climb the poor little trees beside the fences and the fishermen on the end of the wharf.
I've promised that we will be coming back often.
Great looking views too.

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