Monday, November 1, 2010

Really tired

We've just had Rotovirus would never wish that on anyone.
I've been thinking where on earth did this come from?
My children have just been sleeping and sleeping it off...and of course this keeps on going so the poor children and parents are up at all hours.

Both my parents and my Nana have been saying that they never had anything like this when they were kids...just trying to think of it would of been like for my Great Nana with all her children sick at the same time my goodness they would of had to dig 18 longdrops.

My son has bounced back first...but will not let the Mookys go...all day and night.
My daughter has been slower.

So many people say that children just have to catch these bugs to build up an immunity and by the time they reach school they should be right. what happens to all the people I know who's kids (in school) are still getting really sick?
As I was talking to Dave the other night its really just how many people there are in such a small space...meaning our villages, towns, city or country.
I personally feel that our little village was doing really well until the daycare arrived. Taking young children/babies into an environment which is not their home, so not their own bugs...they are picking up mouthing, touching chewing and tasting things which they would not normally share with other children....and keeping everything 'clean' is imposable.
That's just my feelings.

But all is getting better.

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