Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to be 2,3,and 4

My daughters first interest in the idea of an "adult job" was to be a rescue helicopter pilot.
I did the parent gulp and said with I hope encouragement in my voice "you'd be a great pilot" This hung on for weeks. Our first lego was to a rescue chopper.
A few weeks later there was a terrible accident with large photo's in the news paper. My daughter asked MANY questions...how, how and why. She was very quite for a long time....but then she still talked about being a pilot for a long time once this was processed in her mind.
That was number 1.

Number 2
I think was brought on by some action in our town. A medical herbalist who has a shop here (who is very good) was in the paper. A close friend has an ear infection.....

Became the center of attention for mixing potions. Nana got this bottle which is a bit like pesto with instructions on how many times a day to take this mix....Nana being a good sport did.
So a herbalist.

On the way to swimming we passed an ambulance.....Many questions..."that would be great to do"
She was going to take her herbs

This morning I talked about my own adventures of driving concrete trucks...number 4. I think i better be careful in my story telling.

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