Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I want a bow and arrow"

My Daughter started talking about Robin Hood and wanting to shoot an arrow...a movie or book did some one talk about him I don't know. WE don't have any wood that we could make one so I goggled it.
And made one out of a it worked so well

When she lost her pet chicken to a Hawk she wanted to go Hawk is taking a while to tell her that the Hawk didn't know that it was not to take Peeper over a rabbit or rat. And the hawk is a protected bird.
Learning to shoot the arrow was an experience. The first time of having to stick at something till she got it. MANY tears and in the end I had to convince her to put it aside (so I could get over my headache)
The next day she was at it again and worked it till she got it.

Just now she's been quite for about 20mins working at threading a tears this time over not getting it first pop and she got it. So happy and had to show me.

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  1. Oh what a good idea! My Miss6 has been wanting a bow and arrow (due to being on a Swallows and Amazons binge) and I was not cooperating since all I could foresee was some form of maiming disaster (I promised she could learn at some sort of club when she was older). But the pencil/rubber band solution is brilliant.