Wednesday, October 13, 2010

14th Oct

A lady at the museum open day gave my daughter a bunch of flowers...which she loved....and even had to go back to the cafe when left it behind (got side tracked 'talking' to a local cat). So when we got home we had to make one...I don't have a flower garden but managed to get a few things together. I had to dash away so she did it all her self and is very proud EVERY one who visits must see her flowers.
We had a day when my daughter wanted to mix...Harry the vinegar and soda came out.
My Mum brought some Christmas molds....which are now painted and we've had to make a box for all the Christmas decorations
Seed planting day...she didn't want to do anything with the dirt but was happy to look at all the packets we have and found lots of flowers to put on Peepers grave. Then she and my son worked as a team pruning the Hebe...both LOVED that.

The aim for me at the moment it take it slowly!

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