Thursday, November 11, 2010

How much money is this?

My daughter has been collecting all the small change she can find round the house over the past few months.
We counted it up $3.30

"How much is a chicken?" she asked. We've just brought 6 the other day and she was VERY excited. She is their Mummy now...she is very sad that the Mummy couldn't come too but well that's how it is.
"$10 each"
"So how much more do I need?"
"How can I get more?" (The understanding of money up till is very small)

I explained that she could do some jobs for money or she could sell something.

"What could I sell?"
I remembered the posies she made after the museum visit and said "flowers and plants at our local market"
"Oh that sounds great....oh but I'd have to get Daddy to take it to the market to sell for me" looking happy but then downcast.
"Why" I asked "do you not what to sell them yourself?"
"You mean I could do it....really....a little girl like me?" I had to laugh cause she just told my Nana that she was NOT A LITTLE GIRL...a big girl!
"I could get enough money to buy my own chicken! On my own?.....When's the next market day?...when are the next chicken's going to be born".

So a new project...which I'll have to make sure no well meaning family go...oh how much? Oh we wanted to buy a Christmas gift.

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