Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Parent Panic Attack 1

I believe I may have many of these but over time they should become less.
Worry that I'm not right or not made the right choice.

Worry's for today
Worry - A little friend of my daughters was drawing a triangle. Oh goodness is my daughter behind?
Calming - My daughter is trying to draw a circle, they are all shapes all in their own time.

Worry - A parent telling me their child drew a picture of two people stick figures.
Calming - My daughter is in the experimentation stage with colours and ways to apply them to the paper.

Worry - "I don't want to miss out on Playcentre tomorrow" (we're going to the Big Latch On LLL) am I taking her away from a social out let?
Calming - My daughter really enjoyed today's session there was only 5 children her brother and self included, to play with all the toys and craft. She has often told me and I've seen myself she does not like large groups of loud people. (too much competition ;-)

I do worry

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