Thursday, August 12, 2010

More John Holt on the Web Please

There is precious little of John Holt on the web today, sadly, as he died in 1985, after a long career of exceptional teaching and learning. We have read most of his books (Learning All the Time, Instead of Education, How Children Fail, and just ordered Teach Your Own), and can highly recommend them to anyone wanting to see what really goes on inside school classrooms, and how we can do so much better.
I did find this YouTube video though, for which I am very grateful to the poster.
The video is about the difference between a question and a quiz, and I think on seeing it you'll get a feel for the deep insight John Holt has into education and learning.
If you know of more John Holt material (especially audio/video) on the web let us know. If you have access to John Holt material that is not on the web, please publish it!

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