Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homeschooling Banned in Sweden

Its hard to understand how the Swedish Government can be so arrogant, ignorant and high handed as to disallow its citizens the right the educate their own children. But that is exactly what appears to have happened. Swedish homeschooling families face court action or fines, or, as some are doing, they leave their own country in order to gain the freedom to carry on homeschooling.
Swedish education officials argue that the state provides a "comprehensive and objective" education which means there is no need for homeschooling. Even if we believe that statement, homeschooling is usually a philosophical or religious choice that has little to do with the quality of education in schools.
We are looking to homeschool our kids on purely philosophical grounds, that is, we fundamentally reject the idea that learning takes place in school according to a curriculum. Instead we believe that learning takes place when children are challenged, inspired, stimulated and motivated, and are allowed to pursue their own learning pathway, not the linear, prescribed learning pathway that is "the curriculum". As the young Swedish girl's tee shirt reads "Classroom: The World, Curriculum: Life".
I feel very deeply for any people denied their fundamental human rights, and I especially empathize with Swedish homeschooling families, since their plight could easily be our own if we happened to be in a country like Sweden.
I say to the Swedish people, whether you agree with the ban on homeschooling or not, don't let the State trample on your basic human rights like this.

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