Monday, August 12, 2013


With Oak Meadow the suggestion is we use ring bound books. This idea fell flat before we even started now I use a ring binder with hole punch and this works really well. 
Currently a terms work will fit in one binder if I squish!
Dd is a bit of a perfectionist and would put a hole book aside which might only have a little work done it it. So with using white unruled computer paper it's great.

But some times I want good thick paper and its hard to find. It costs a lot for places like the stationary I'm trying fish pond.
We are starting to get into art regularly through our week and it just does not work on thin computer paper.

It really pays to look on line for just about everything we need because a) it's delivered to us and b) it's often cheaper c) I don't take our time up looking and driving all over town.

But I need to collate my best resources. Like I can't remember where I brought the NZ play money and I really did need two packs at the time I dithered to should I or not. It's such a hit with my kids and all our visitors as well.

Time time thing we don't have. It will take time to put all that together and it will change as they get older to.

Sick day for me too today :-(
I've got a horrid cold and have been out for the count for a few hours. Mum's been here today and Dave did the reading to start us off for the day.
Hope to be better soon

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