Monday, August 12, 2013

Free running gym

My girlfriend organised a session of free running up at the local stadium.
The kids loved it!
I was going to take heaps of photos...but truly I couldn't keep up it was amazing!
The first thing dd did was a handstand on the soft mats.
Ds aimed for the high bars and dropped into the foam pit.
I have a bit of a policy that if they can't climb up then they don't get to ds is very good at climbing. It also cuts down on the amount of falls and I'm stuck too.
As there was no structure to the session the kids just ran from one thing to the next getting their fill on what they wanted to do.
My two groaned when I said we were going to do gym...ds fear was he would not be able to be with dd and would have to wait for hours before his turn. Dd worry was she would never get to try out all the cool stuff. I tried to tell them that there was no teacher but they didn't understand until we were well into it.
Best day of my life said dd
Here's hoping we'll run it again.
And I'll get photos

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