Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wow I feel like we've done so much then not much at all.
Since we've just had holidays I thought it would take ages to get back into school
Over the holidays we've had an egg incubator working to hatch DD's own eggs. She is very disappointed that her chickens do not sit on their eggs and are not very friendly.
We've has two if our own catch...nearly 4 but they diddnt make it.
We've ordered a nz chicken book and dd has worked her way through it and found Cochin chickens. So we've ordered the eggs...and we'll start again.

We've been watching lambs at the grandparents place. Doing long bush walks through their property.

Both dd and DS have been in the train and visited the pa site up north.

We finished oak meadow semester 2 and moving to the third. I feel like getting in the swing of it.

We've had drama and signing classes and really enjoyed it.

We've had homeschool outings and birthdays and baking and art....craft .

Photos when I get I'm doors

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