Saturday, October 20, 2012

New chicks

Dd LOVES her chicken....but with the death of one she's not happy. We have the hyline bread and they don't last long and they don't sit on their eggs.
She's very angry that no one told her this.
I have a chicken manual with lots of breads for nz. She spent weeks working through this book after the death of her beloved Butter to find a new bread called the Cochin.
"mum we need this one. It's cuddly, sits on its own eggs and they last up to 8 years"
Dave bought an incubator off trade me and these little chicks in the photo are from dd's chickens...that don't sit on their own eggs.
Now we have found the very rear Cochin chicken down in ashburton ordered and now have them posted and now in the incubator.
I said I would never have baby chicks again that weren't looked after by their parents. Sigh

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