Monday, October 29, 2012

Dave is still in hospital

It's starting to wear very thin around here. Dave is due today to get a plate in his knee. Then the rest of the week till we get to have him home.

Every day the children have been playing doctor or hospital. Right up till bedtime even in bed.
DS is very confused and dd is in tears often. Just being together is about all we can do right now.

Dd asked to do some school work kick starting my brain.
We are writing the redwall story for 6 years to read. She's drawing the pictures and writing a shorter easier to read story. Loving it.

We played treasure hunts yesterday...dd is so excited to decipher the clues. Her reading is in leaps as she grows in confidence.
I love jolly phonics.

I was so hyper scheduled to finish this semester of oak it's blown. But I think it's a lesson to me.
Slow down smell the roses.

I've also possibly torn a muscle in my back. So lots I cannot do which is effecting my other issues of house tidy. My vacuum cleaner is also broken. Hahaha I really must have something telling me to slow down.

I will be looking at developing a homeschool group closer to home when we are all better...keep the travel down to once a week if I can.

Well best start the day

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