Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What have we been doing?

With the new computer system still getting installed I am behind in the blog.

We've been to Auckland to visit my cousin. She's just come home for a few weeks with her Spanish speaking husband... Kids are madly trying to learn how to speak Spanish. Dora the explorer...Carlos said he watched it too.

Swimming with friends before lessons.

Heaps of early readers...dd is semi excited about them.

Picking tomatoes and apples weighing them out and making tomato sauce. Dd loves sieving the pulp.

Been fishing this afternoon with my parents. That's all they talked about all morning till they left. They caught a few sprat. Cats happy.

Started on a solar system mobile. Dd loves Pluto and was very upset after looking through one of her books and not finding it in the line up of planets we then had to watch a documentary on why it was no longer classed as a planet... Hence the mobile because sd said Pluto will be a planet in hers.

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