Thursday, February 9, 2012

Butter factory

My mum took both kids to look at the new playground. Dd came home buzzing about it.
It is set into the old butter factory. She told me the story of how it was burnt down and never re-built...they saved all the men who worked there...and the butter.

So I took them back today with Nana. I brought a bottle of cream on the way. We quizzed nana who used to live on a dairy farm how long it took for milk and cream to settle out?
How much cream in a bucket of milk?

The kids showed me around the ruin and jumped and counted and wondered.

Then I pulled out the cream and two containers.
They wanted to drink the cream...yuck!
I gave them a container full of cream to shake.
They did it for a while then moved off to play. Nana and I took over...till it started to change.
Dd heard the difference and wanted to look...taste.

We made butter!
They ate it with crackers on the old ruins.
Wow cool morning!

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