Sunday, February 26, 2012

Smaller boxes

On the weekend dd started on building a little house for Rusty her toy dog.
I've been extending this play building by providing more boxes and sat with her for a while talking about what is needed in a house.
I just listened mostly.
At first dd stacked all the boxes on top of each other naming each room. Then she wondered how would Rusty be able to get up that high... She suggested a ramp... But then pulled the whole lot down and started to arrange the rooms side by side..."no stairs needed...stairs take up a lot of my building materials"

Dd started on her kitchen aka the ginger beer box. She pointed to where she wanted the door and the windows. I pulled our my ruler and she watched me mark them out. I cut them out and left her to it.
She wanted to make an oven and asked for two more windows to be cut out the same size (the left overs were being recycled into the oven).
I tried to explain the idea of a cube...she kept calling it a square. We counted the sides.
"why not just call it a box?" we talked some more about different shaped once they become three d.

What was ds doing during this time? He's back at his watch play. Still connecting different hoses together and has now extended this into filling up different sized containers...pouring out the water then seeing what the next one holds.
He has pretty much played at this all morning.
Dd played for a short time then became uninterested and wanted to make pesto. Dd has had a love for herbs and what can she make out of them... And what they can do to help us to get well. She made a little lot of pesto using her own basil she grew.
She was very disappointed once the leaves were all ground up to see how small they became.
This was then wrapped up and given tot Dave as a gift.

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