Friday, April 4, 2014

Feb-March 2014

It's been a bit of an issue getting photos onto the computer. We've done heaps!

Harvest spend a lot of time outdoors.
Watching yeast grow...for once it did...they were fascinated.

Ds rolling out his 'c'
Cats and 'c'

We have a juicer named OSCAR...dd is putting her own carrots through...both kids have decided that eating them is far better.

We went on a river boat in warkworth...then kids for Kirrin castle (famous five books) and wanted to share with friends.
Field trip
The older kids explore
Dd and friend discuss how good the concrete is...not good
Class wander 
They spent a lot of time here with lots of different ideas of what it could of been
Duck feeding
Class getting in on it

Pirates...started off with the lesson from OM but once ds stared to make ears out of old t shirts...they became pirates...this game lasted a week.

I want glasses like we made some.

Playing with watercolour and oil...was interesting but not quite right.
Ds splattered most of my kitchen

I don't have any photos as both Dave and I where on the go keeping up with the kids...we went on the haemophilia summer campin Mangawhai. Lots of fun!
Flying fox was a GREAT hit...even little ds went owner took him down first slowly then he went on his own...he was a bit freeked out I think but went back a few times.
Rounders with heaps of other kids and dads.
Sandpit play
Scooters and bikes...eek a few crashes but that's what helmit s and jeans are for.
Cupcake decoration
Confidence course
And! The cream for dd a surf lesson! She's been wanting to do this for ages!! She was ecstatic. 3 hours with Dave having a go in the middle when she got tired.
Great sport.

Beach field trip with class and cousins from London 

Grandparents look on
Dd catches a shrimp.

Ds has been saving for ages to buy an iPad. He's had enough money for a while but when he was in hospital we let them have unlimited screen time on my iPad the point after 4 days of bed rest he couldn't stand it and didn't want a computer but a parrashute and a skateboard...he kept saving then finally he decided after a few months to buy an iPad.

Making a water clock.
This was the second one we made...first one was drill a hole in a plate and time it sinking.

This project stayed about for a few weeks and even the guy who came to cut the logs up for us got in on it. Lots of discovery here and modification...lots of other kids after school tinkered too.

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