Monday, April 14, 2014

15th April 2014 and the weekend

Its a rainy day.
The wind has been blowing.
The kids are all over tired with all the social activities we are doing.

We've had the lead up to DD's 8th birthday with lots of field trips and activities and visits to friends.

We've had a full on weekend after a full on week.
Finished up Circus School and watched the bigger kids do a unicycle workshop...DD was so excited to have one of the best unicyclists in our little town teaching the kids. DS finally got to do something which not everyone can do ... the spinning plates. The teacher was encouraging and has loaded DS the spinning plate over the holidays to work with. We had a little afternoon tea to break up with.

Straight afterwards some friends of Dave and myself were up for the weekend so off to the Pizza Barn. Wonderful night.

Next morning out to the beach.
We really must get DD and DS into surf school as there was a little issue with a family a little out of their depth. Mother panicked running to us for help. DD and Dave grabbed the boards and rushed to yelling no to DD. All worked out fine but I can see DD has a huge dose of caring in her and will bound into situation again.
Once that was over we had friends over to play all afternoon and evening. Kids showed off their playground and property. DS had a wonderful time in the 'Cat Tunnels' which are little tunnels under the bush just down from our drive. They seem to spend all day there some times with our cat Griffin.

Next day we were off to the waterfalls for a swim. VERY cold! But DD managed to get to the top pool with Dave with an aim of going under the waterfall...not quite yet but nearly there.
Our friends set up an easter egg hunt for the kids and we all spent a long time looking.
Another long playdate after the swimming and a lovely curry to finish the day.

We had been lucky with the weather all weekend...then it started to turn.
Our next activity was to take the nephews to the caves.
The rain and the wind started.
We managed to get to the caves. Took everyone into the main cave and showed them the glow worms.
Once out we had to shoo the horses aside so we could all sit down for lunch. Kids played in the rocks all afternoon. Aunty slipped and dinged her knee. We all headed back for a long cuppa at our place.
Our kids are loving their cousins staying and are very sad that this month is speeding to a close and we'll have to say goodbye soon.

So a slow day
I've got crazy dance sorted for the circle time activity but so far Shadow Lands the movie has been played through twice (Scenic movie of the south island) DS is fixated on it and all its beautiful birds and helicopter rides over the water falls and beautiful music.
We've also been catching water. DD is working on keeping a weather log (not so good at doing it every day as we've been SOOOO busy but its good so far). But DD has caught a bottle and a glass full of 'water from the sky' and then drinking it.
Oh the marble runs and the balance beams and the lego and the caterpillars' on the bench AGAIN! The fruit collection and eating straight from the garden.
The endless washing...I'm glad for a bit of rain to quiet things down.

And...we've almost finished the Famous Five...what to do after that I have no idea.
Well its 8:15 time to start the day with some dance?

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