Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mum look what I've got

Mr DS has a habit of holding something behind his back and then you guess what it is...I was not prepared for a large slug especially since he was just in the house courtyard. We admired it for a while then I encouraged him to put it out in the garden.

We tried to see the sola eclipse but a cloud covered the sun just at that time. We still had fun with our homeschool friends.

We started making sun masks and might finish that today.

Both kids have been playing Daddy...very cute. They have built a hospital out of blocks...including large chimney. They have helicopter landing on the roof (how Dave got to the hospital). They have toy ambulances...and fire trucks. Motorways and Dave's old work building.
We've read Estrleta a few times and talked as well as visited the park next to the hospital. We hope I visit the winter gardens again soon.

Dave has had his final operation so maybe home on the weekend.

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