Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dave home for weekend

So far it's been three weeks of testing time!
The last week. I was really sick. Tummy sick. My dad had to stay the night.
Was just coming right and then dd was sick. And still her tummy is not right 4 days later.
So on top of our stress and travel up and down the country to the hospital and back....we are soooooooo tired.

So this weekend having Dave at home has been lovely.
I love my flowers. Dave managed to get them delivered just before arriving.

For the three weeks Dave has been away things have been tipped on their ear constantly. Phones going. Plans have changed. Every day!

This weekend. We've visited family. And had a small rest.
The kids are coming back to centre.

So play dough today.
Shinning cuckoo rescue
Nana time
Nanama and granddad time
Hatching our next chick... Bit sad out of eight only 1. Dd is very keen to hold it but I'm being very carful as I don't want it damaged.

Dave goes back tonight for his operation tomorrow.
Then we can start our life again.
I was ultra planed with our oak meadow and everything was to finish the same time as the other schools.
Now I think we'll do some revision for the rest of the term and start a fresh next year with the final semester of grade 1.
But that would be planning ;-)

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