Monday, May 7, 2012

Settling into a routine?

We seem to be settling into steady days. I'm reading aloud in the morning still some faraway tree in there but we are exploring more...

We've been working on sounds, rhythms and sort of a bit of poetry in the morning. Dd loves it.

As a extra our family has been uncovering our mt bike track...lost from the time I was pregnant with ds. Both kids love it and will run out along the path everyday. We had story's at the end in the bush.

We are looking at animal tracks and birds at the moment. So sitting still which is hard for 6 is impossible for nearly 3...still we've got a few slow pheasant but dd really wants to see a rabbit.

Dd is interested in counting in twos... Not sure why...she still gets stuck on anything with 5 in it 15, 25, 35???
Found the khan web site which dd is semi interested in.

Explored water colour pencils today. Really loved that.

Well dd is with nana in the am doing knitting and baking...then I think it's to the beach in the pm...depending on weather.

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