Thursday, May 17, 2012


As I cruze through oak meadow grade one with dd I came across today's activity.
We are studying birds...
It's gone well so far.
Bird watching.
Bird id.
Now bird feeder.
So we made one to sit on our fence.

It's all been falling into place it's really weird.
Hawks and magpies fighting outside out door.
Birds nests right in front of us on our walk.
Fantails dancing every where
More birds nests at playcentre just as dd was visiting.
Wax eye smacking into our window this am so dd picked it up held it till it recovered then flew away.
Then building a bird feeder...going down road to hammer hardware to on the off chance the have bird seed. Yup a full display.
So in all going well

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  1. I just visited the Oak Meadow website - what a treasure! We are possibly moving to San Francisco later in the year and this looks wonderful - plus I've been looking for slightly more structured / inspired / cross curricula ideas. Thanks, you always have great finds on here :)