Sunday, April 22, 2012

Start of term 2 2012

It's been a long holiday with little bits of routine becoming firm.
We are now managing to do some sort of music every morning which the kids seem to enjoy. Dd is starting to understand how a recorder is cross buns ;-)

My nephews have flown back home to London :-( very very sad. I've kept dd busy as last time they left the bottom lip was dragging on the ground for a few days.

Dd had a wonderful 6th birthday. Easter egg hunt! Little friends to play. Lovely!

We've spent a bit of time with friends and family.

*Walking in the dark looking for possums
*Exploring garden bush tracks
*Beach visits...playing with dogs
*Going to the movies with Nanma to see the lroax with glasses... That was an experience we took ds too he loved it.
*Moved both kids into their own room.
*Did the local fundraiser bike ride...5k as a family. Ds was the youngest rider and had just a little help from Dave.
*wanted to paint a dionsour
*leaf rubbings, collecting and ironing into wax paper...ironing table mats...setting table.
*fishing with 14 fish.

Today we've started off with

We've been playing an odd maths game of gem collecting and snakes and ladders mixed with yazee and it seems to be a hit.

We have a project going of uncovering our bike tacks we started before the kids were born. Exciting I took ds along it the other morning but he was a bit frightened.

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