Monday, April 9, 2012

10th april

Both kids still have the cold which seems to be hanging on. We managed to get through dd's 6th birthday with a tired ds but ok dd.
This morning though they are both really crabby.

Still on we go.
Dd is excited to read the adventures of tumtum and nutmeg mouse. Such a lovely break from the enchanted wood.

We've been working on sounds again as some have been forgotten. Will do some more singing I think.
We had circle time with lots of singing this morning and it was great. Both got into it.
I've been wanting to do some leaf rubbings for ages so on the way home from collecting the post we climbed trees.
Oh goodness
Keeping anxiety out and joined in
We all found some leaves and did a few drawings ds sort of understanding it.

Ds moved into house building with douplo and ds played a game of diamond mining with me.
Working on the story of the four dwarfs plus minus times and divide. We didn't do times and divide. Good game and dd was getting stuck in not wanting to stop.

There has been a lot of talk about the seasons, caterpillars and how many colds you'd get in your life.

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