Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wonderful picnic to start term off

We had a wonderful time with the kids running around playing some sort of game which got gate crashed by a few school kids who just wanted to be in fun.
We meet a few new families to the community
And I raced around after my 2.5 year old...oh well.
Now I'm being asked for an activity and I would love to sleep on the couch...Dave is off for a well deserved break tramping. The kids miss him already so it will be a long few days.
I'll attempt the farmer markets on my own as we're out of honey and fruit.
My Mum has invited us down for the Mangawhai Ag day as well so I don't think we'll be too board.

Was talking to a few other Mums about some activities running this term. A Marae visit. A camp for just a day I think. Craft day. Maybe another art day?
I'm sorting out in my head what I think I can handle ;-)

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