Thursday, September 19, 2013

Enjoying web sites

I've been looking for ways to get my two outside even more as they seem to love it.
Some days I work through the lessons in Kindergarten Oak Meadow for DS but he seems way past most of it but for the writing part. He understands the sounds and the letter and the numbers far better than I imagined he did.

I also listened in on a conversation between my two...DD pulled apart a flower showing it to DS explaining how bees put their proboscis down into the nectar and how the pollen is dabbed onto the bee.
I have not done anything in this learning so I can't take any credit...

BUT it has made me realize we need to spend more time...yes more time outside and we spend a lot already. We have the environment so I need to make use of it.

Now to get this book as I think its what I've been wanting...the reason for Maths...not just numbers on a page.

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