Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Winter argh!

This winter so far we have not really found our mojo...yet. This is the first summer where both kids have been old enough to play outside on their own.
So it's hard when it hails or rains for too long
Having to make do with toys inside is just no fun...yet
And squabbles...and personal space...oh goodness. When your playground is cut from the large paddocks to a small room...tempers fly.

I think things will change over time as they learn to read but at the moment they want outside!

Dd has been hooked into the latest project of learning about animals...I can't draw fast enough to keep up with her. I've also introduced chalk pastels.
I'm questioning the playcentre idea of not drawing well in front of your kids...how can they see something then better it? How can they see a technique and not take it on as their own?
So I need to draw and paint lots in front of them as we'll as read, cook, crochet and garden.

Lol...my ds found dh caving torch...so we've been in the dark often latly. But at least ds gave dd a torch of her own to finish her school work.

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