Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trying to have breakfast

As a homeschooling family...and a tendency to lean into unschooling ...some would say we are unschooled other more staunch not.
Any who
Learning happens all the time...and having breakfast is really hard work.
It like all night their little brains think up of all this cool stuff and as soon as their little feet hit the ground they are off.
"Do ants sleep? Has been a constant this week...and many night and early morning ventures out into the garden with torches has been had"
We've got an ant mine that we are trying to set up...a birthday gift from nana.
All the while ds is trying to sew...he's nearly 4 but its very new and a bit illusive to him...this project involves balloons and wool and chairs and scissors...bargaining with how much wool can be cut.
Big needs while I'm trying to eat....breath
Tie the knot
Catch ants...explain about cold and animals moving slowly.
Grab a mouth full of food.
Sound out a word
Ask bit sister to help...but not harass...sigh
Drink tea
Listen to next excursion ...'I'm going to see if the birds are awake'
Down to one child
He's winding wool back up....
Breath while I can
Ballon pops...tears
Breakfast is not finished but oh we'll time to move on...who needs food anyway

I eat too much normally

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