Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grade 1 oak meadow finished

Dd has finished her last lesson and is now on 'holiday'.
The feeling for me is great. I've kept a folder of all her work and looked back yesterday. So cool and lots of great memory's!

36 weekly lesson plans from OM at first were a bit daunting and it took me a while to find my rhythm...but it really zings...or as to quote Ken Robinson 'in the zone'.
I feel that oak meadow has a really been a great guide for us and works so well into our family, very outdoors and physical...we love the story's and the kind way of learning.

Have we changed our ideas?
I feel like we are always finding our way and the path might be a little different.
We have changed a little and a lot. Many things were not working the way we hoped and we were also getting very tired. So finding your values and ideas written down to use was just amazing.

We have grade 2 oak meadow. I also have the kindy curriculum to which is very exciting...and while ds is too young he's eager to follow dd. he's keen to count and learn sounds...sniff baby.

So a weeks holiday then slowly ease back into it.
Will we stop learning...haha no..this morning we've already had story's and circle time...dd is keen to do some craft work this afternoon.

All good

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