Friday, July 13, 2012

Poss boss update

Wow great afternoon 'lesson' with the poss boss. At poss boss's place we got the low down on what a possum looks like. Dd was sure she had found possum tracks so poss boss showed dd an up-close look at some dead possum feet and talked about how they can not retract their claws.
He grabbed a freshly dead possum and showed dd how the fur is removed and a close look at the machine that does it.
A naked possum looked funny to me.
We got to touch the fur from the body and the tail. The tail fur is mostly used for things like socks and costs less.
The body fur was so soft.

The poss boss showed dd how to set three different types of traps...and he even gave her her own trap.
Thank you very much poss boss.

So tomorrow we get to go see if we caught anything.
Dd and ds have been trying to catch rats...some success too.

Sorry no photos we just had a good time learning and listening.

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