Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning circle time June 2012

It's hard to keep this up at the moment as often I'm so in what we are doing I don't take photos or the photos are on the other cameras

We were doing some stretches yesterday and I said like Karate Kid...dd looked at me odd...and said who? More like Kung fu panda. Then ds piped up and said No! Angelina Ballerina.

This morning I've tried again to get some rough and tumble into circle time. It didn't get all the energy out but it did make things a little easier.
We danced to secret gardens "drum" dance as ds calls it.
Then we tried the bouncing kangaroo song.

We also have 'fire fairies' which ds loves... Aka candles.

Dd didn't get the adding the first 2-3 times then she was just picking it up so we'll get there over the week I think.

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