Thursday, September 15, 2011

What have we been doing in September so far?

We wanted to be butterfly's for the day
After we visited the local milking shed...which was a really neat experience I think we'll be doing again a few more times so they can get past their shyness and largeness of it all...we had to play "milking sheds" so the whole courtyard was turned into a farm complete with pond, frogs and ducks, with bees for pollination, with rabbits, with tractors, with mice for eating the grain, with cats on the sideline for drinking the milk AND don't forget the dogs to keep everything in order. So all the soft toys were lined up like cows. Baby brother was sent off to walk the dog and round up any strays.
Wow and all that from a 10-15mins standing in the pit and getting pooed on ;-)
Jack Morgan Museum visit. We all teamed up for a Homeschool visit about 16 children. The museum put on some games and talks. Our daughter was probably a little on the little side to sit for very long to listen so we'll have to have another visit again where she can just explore and ask her own questions.
A Sock-ta-puss. The activity at Playcentre was making hand puppets. While sorting out all my old socks getting ready to leave to go DD realized she would have enough to make an animal....AN octopus!!! So a needle and thread were sorted and she started. The project was really stuck to really well. She had a few breaks when she wanted to go off and play but it was completed this morning and now has pride of place on the foot (haha) of her bed.
Ballet special. Our teacher asked if DD could take part in a special show the other week. There were going to be a few little groups of girls each putting on a little dance for the people of the gardening club. Our daughter very young and very small looked so lovely all in her little outfit...(I'm not into pink or Ballet but she's loving it). I was just about in tears watching her she did so well in front of 100-150 people...she'd never done anything like that before and it was just perfect.

I feel like I've been running very fast and not got far in some cases.
I feel like I've lost my "Oh my goodness she's 5 issue...and the oh my goodness her friends are all at school now" stress...a little ;-)

I've had the spring cold for about a week now, just pasted on by my son....thanks love. I've been wanting to write up learning story's and keep up with the portfolios but I've really needed to go to bed in the evenings.

Just today I was starting to feel like I've been really slack and worried that our daughter had not finished working on the Jolly phonics...once we finished reading the book the interest kind of faded away. But its come back again.
I looked over a few blogs about doing interesting things with letters. I suggested we make a wall frease (I'll get back to the spelling on that soon). I described the way these other children had worked on one using craft (which I thought my daughter would love as she often asked to use the craft stuff) so each letter was decorated using different medium.
So here comes the crunch point.
"No Mum lets just draw them"
Daughter draws a perfect s, I'm floored. Her s's are always 3's. It as large and bold and...
"We'll cut them out too and you can stick them on the wall"
She did about half the letters in quick march then flicked to something else...then 3 hours later another bunch of letters...I can't keep up so I'm slack in that part...but they will be on the wall tomorrow.

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