Monday, September 13, 2010

A day in our life 14 September 2010

Some times I think we never learn or do anything then in a space of a morning we have so many questions, insights, projects, name it it happens.
We wanted to know about volcanoes and earthquakes and are there Volcanoes in NZ. We built a model and used the baking soda and vinegar trick. We watch a documentary on volcanoes which had more questions and little light bulbs go on. We used paint to colour the model and also the other model of our hand print.
We made bread dough and made funny faces out of it...better than play dough...real dough. We ate it (well we who are not gluten free). We made more dough on our own (my daughter) as she wanted to use food colouring.
We played hop scotch on the concrete outside. Counting and naming the numbers. We wrote our names. My son wanted to lay on the concrete while I drew round him. We jumped and ruled lines with train tracks as rulers.
We had water play and washed up the potatoes for dinner.
This was all before we went to playcentre.
There was so much more that happen too...but right now my son 15 months is reading a book...boat, dog, car, boon (balloon)...POP, ball, train, Teddy....oh now on to the cat who was asleep "bite bite".

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